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New York City’s Ban on Salary History Questions: More States to Follow?

By ThinkingAhead

In 2015, women earned 79.6 cents for every dollar men earned, according to the Census Bureau. Some suggest that women often earn less than men — a well-documented wage gap that’s even worse for women of color — because they’re less likely to negotiate when it comes to salary offers. disputes this theory: although 42 percent of women negotiate their salary (compared to a similar…

Common Job Applications: Improvement or Detriment in The Hiring Process?

By ThinkingAhead

Thanks to common job application technology, candidates can send applications to hundreds of jobs at once — and recruiters and hiring managers have even larger piles of resumes to review and sort. But are common job applications actually effective? In other words, should candidates and hiring managers expect better results, or are these algorithms simply making the process more difficult? Man Versus Machine…