We qualify each search with the hiring manager to ensure we identify only truly qualified candidates.


The majority of the candidates we work with successfully aren’t “actively looking,” but they are “actively listening."


Our clients interview 1 candidate for every 1.2 we submit.


Our clients typically interview 3-4 candidates and make a selection from that grouping.

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  • Chuck Hutsell with ThinkingAhead has been a tremendous asset to American Gaming Systems in our pursuit of exceptional technical team members. In my many years of hiring, I have never worked with anyone as diligent and tenacious as Chuck, which is reflected in his outstanding success rate placing top quality people with our company. One of the things that makes Chuck particularly valuable (and unique in my experience) is his relentless quest for understanding – of the needs of our business, of the skills and talents required for the position, and not least of the true strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates. By gaining a deeper understanding of what makes a good fit between candidates and job opportunities, Chuck is able to find and present high quality options that I know will be worth considering – even for the most challenging of positions to fill. The time and energy I save with Chuck’s help allows me to focus on my core business needs, contributing to the ongoing success of AGS!

    - AGS
  • I have been working with Chuck for quite a few years now and he is my go-to guy when the need arises to hire an IT person. I have worked with other search firms in the past, but to me the big differentiator is the quality of the candidates that Chuck presents. He really listens to what the needs are…not just technically…but also the soft skills and how this person will “fit” within the team. I get frustrated working with firms that just pass along resumes and I end up doing all the work of ferreting out the quality candidates. When Chuck presents someone, I know he has talked to them multiple times and they are a good match for the position and I’ll want to interview them. On top of that, Chuck is a an of integrity who does what he says he’s going to do. If he tells me I’ll get an update before end of day, I get the update. He really is a partner in the process. Hiring can be stressful…Chuck makes it a whole lot easier.

    - On IT Staffing
  • My experience working with Chuck Hutsell has been a breath of fresh air. Most recruiters and staffing agencies that I have worked with seem to listen to what I am asking them for, but end up failing to meet even some of the most basic criteria of a job description. This is not the case with Chuck and ThinkingAhead. Not only does he put a lot of care and effort into finding the very best candidates for me, Chuck also makes himself available for any questions or needs that I have whenever I have them. When I need a candidate to back-fill a role quickly and effectively, I don’t need to think twice about who to call. Chuck is one of our most valued service providers and will be for the foreseeable future.

    - A Positive Experience

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