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For more than 35 years, ThinkingAhead has been committed to engaging clients who espouse just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive recruiting and management practices and serving them in a like-minded manner. At ThinkingAhead, we believe that recruiting is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to ask the right questions, arrive at the best answers, and deliver desired results quickly.

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Our ability to identify the perfect candidate in a short timeframe often exceeds our client’s expectations.

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Growth Mindset

At ThinkingAhead, we desire to continuously learn more about our profession. We strive to be entrepreneurial, taking initiative and calculated risks to expand our thinking and our business. We break belief barries by trying new things. We take a goal-oriented approach to our work.


Success comes to those who do not relent, so we never give up. We are committed to the process, understanding that resistance is a part of any journey.


We strive to do the right thing, even when others are not watching. As professionals we honor our word and are trustworthy towards our clients, canadidates, and each other. We speak hard truths rather than avoiding difficult conversations.


We know that all of us are smarter than one of us. We rejoice in the success of otheers just as much as our own. By coaching one another with shared resources and proven methods of success, we move our teams further.

D.E.I. Certified Corporate Recruiter

Nicole Sayago

“I recall diversity being described as a “rich tapestry” of human identity while studying Dr. Maya Angelou in college. Her sentiments have continued to resonate with me, inspiring a passion for continuous learning and growth within the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Companies and organizations cannot grow without diversity, individuals do not have access to opportunities without equity, and employees are unsuccessful with their companies and organizations without inclusiveness. I am extremely grateful to be in a role which directly impacts the workforce in becoming more representative of the population in our society. Much of diversity recruiting happens during the candidate research phase which requires deep-dive research into US demographics, organizations and affiliations that have diverse memberships, as well as assessing for skills and experience matching along the way.”




Our partnership with people3 – a benefit corporation that provides diversity and inclusion training, workshops, and inclusion-centered consulting – has been integral to our growing foundation of DEI practices. We are committed to expanding our understanding of DEI and adding to our toolbox of initiatives through continual education.


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Leadership and Operations Team

Robbie Layman

Chief Financial Officer

Laurie Lea

Business Analyst

Jessica Poe

Content and Sales Support Specialist

Elani Wood

Sales Operations Manager

Hannah Gosling-Goldsmith

Recruitment Research Associate

Laura Novoa

Research Associate

Prasruthi Sreedhar, MBA

Research Associate

Jessie Miller

Marketing & Media Specialist

Courtney Fallert

Revenue Cycle Accountant

Lucy Olosova

Alumni Coordinator

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ThinkingAhead offers a unique workplace that includes industry-specific teams, ethical recruiting practices and an entrepreneurial culture. Our recruiters are encouraged to test new market niches and grow into sales management roles without having to wait in line behind someone else.

ThinkingAhead is actively recruiting for many of our offices and practice areas and always is interested in talking to talented individuals with an interest in recruitment as a career. Apply now to discover the many reasons our employees routinely rank us as one of the best places to work.