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Laura Novoa

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About Laura Novoa

Laura was born and raised in Puerto Rico where she graduated from Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in 2007 with a BA in Social Science and Minor in Social Work. She began her career in Social Work with a nonprofit organization that provides services to people living with HIV.  

Later, Laura received her associate degree from Florida Technical College and became a Medical Assistant, MOHS Surgical Assistant, and Medical Scribe specializing in Geriatric Dermatology. Since 2012, she has dedicated her career to caring for older patients, learning from their life experiences, and helping them navigate the healthcare system.  

In her spare time, Laura freelances as a copywriter and translator. Currently, she resides in southern Arizona with her husband and 2 wonderful children. She is forever an undergrad at the University of Life, where she enjoys music, road trips with her family, hiking, treasure hunting at thrift markets, cycling and going on long runs with her dog.