August 11, 2020

“I’m not looking.” Should You Still Take That Recruiter Call?

The success of the recruiting industry is reliant upon a variety of key factors, one of these factors being the action of cold-calling. Each individual today has had their own experience with cold-calls, whether positive or negative. To many, a seemingly random phone call may appear to be a nuisance. In the professional world, however, a single cold call COULD lead to a life-changing opportunity, even if this call is met with a simple “I’m not looking.”

As recruiters, this automated answer is one that is heard more commonly than any other. In fact, while we appreciate a star-aligning moment, we know the realistic truth that the professional world is made up almost entirely of individuals who are “not looking.” However, there are several reasons why you may want to take a cold call from a recruiter, even if means simply speaking as a passive candidate. Here are three reasons why we want to speak with YOU, even if you are not looking to make a career transition.

We know things change.

As recruiters, we know the status quo can’t last forever. Things change within organizations on a daily basis, whether for the better or for the worse. From management changes to life changes to a lack of advancement, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to an individual’s discontentment in a career. While you may be perfectly content in your position when you receive our call, building a connection with a recruiter from the initial reach can serve as an asset to you later in your career should your happiness ever waver.

 We want to get to know you.

While it may sound strange, recruiters want to get to know you on a personal basis in order to serve you on a professional basis. It’s important for recruiters to connect with you on a deeper level in order for us to truly understand your personal and professional needs, even if you’re not looking for a career change. Why do you do what you do and how good you are at doing it? What makes you happy, and are you finding that in your current role? What are the factors that could change your situation? We want to know you beyond whether or not you are “looking” so that we can be of help if your situation ever changes.

We want to be your best resource.

Finally, we want to be your foremost professional resource. Whether you’re interested in the state of the market, the progress in your industry, or just simply who’s hiring, we want to provide you with firsthand industry knowledge and experience that can help you be a stronger force in your career. Recruiters can also be valuable assets to your professional development through resume advice, interview preparation, and more.

Accepting a cold call from a recruiter can be a tremendous help to you and your professional situation, whether you are a passive or an active candidate. We know that you can’t spend time with every recruiter, but we recommend that you find a specialized recruiter within inside knowledge into your industry. In 2019, ThinkingAhead’s 10 specialty niches placed almost 346 candidates nationwide. How can we be an asset to you?