September 10, 2020

Before You Make a Career Move: Consider These Three Things

In the professional world, there are a variety of reasons why an individual might be ready to make a career move. The most common answer to this question of WHY is compensation. However, compensation plays only a minor role in the grand scheme of your professional career. Before you consider making a move, we ask you to consider the following three reasons why you may be ready to make a career transition because as recruiters, we know that your “why” is just as important as your “how.”

Location, Location, Location

Location can sometimes mean more than commute time. While commute is an important factor in a job search, location can often mean remaining close to family, schools, or even sick loved ones. When considering a career transition, take into account the importance of these factors in your personal life to determine whether or not a position is the right move for you and those you love.

Opportunity to make an impact

Opportunity for advancement is another factor that can play a large role in the decision to make a career move. To many, “advancement” can mean vertical advancement in the form of a promotion or compensation raise. To others, advancement simply means being provided more opportunity to create impact through their role. Advancement can also mean being allowed the ability to learn or advance in a skill with the support of the company. No matter what the word “advancement” means to you, this word can be a crucial factor to keep in mind when considering you professional career.


Management can mean the difference between discontentment and happiness in your workplace. Before making a career transition, consider the team you are surrounded by and the effects of their leadership on your professional career. Is your management team a true advocate for your success? Is your team providing your opportunity to polish and improve your skills?

If you are considering a career move, the award-winning recruiters at ThinkingAhead Executive Search want to help YOU find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and professional goals. These three factors can help you determine whether or not it may be the right time to consider other opportunities. Connect with a ThinkingAhead recruiter today by visiting