June 3, 2020

How to Choose the Right Recruiter for Your Job Search

Did you know that millions of Americans currently employed in today’s workforce were placed or referred by a recruiter? Utilizing the services of a recruiter is not as uncommon as you might imagine. However, the odds of finding the RIGHT recruiter who will provide timely and effective recruiting practices for your job search are much lower. That’s why it is crucial to begin your career search with an experienced professional who is able to listen, understand, and enact your preferences and desires when matching you with opportunities. Are you ready to begin your job search? Here are four tips for selecting the right recruiter for you and your goals.

How well does the recruiter know your industry?

Industry knowledge is a key factor in recruiting. Whether the recruiting firm has one specialty or dozens, it is critical that the proposed recruiter has a deep knowledge of your industry, the market, and your potential for success within that market. Pay attention to the recruiter’s terminology usage and their previous experience to determine whether or not they will be able to understand your needs.

Who are their clients?

Who has the recruiter worked with? Who are their repeat clients? How strong are their relationship-building skills and how can those skills be used to find you the perfect opportunity within your industry? A recruiter’s client-base can be a good indication of whether the opportunities that come their way will suit your preferences and desires. One key point to consider is whether or not this recruiter has repeat clients. This will help in determining whether or not the recruiter’s efforts have been successful in the long term.

How honest are they?

A similarly critical factor in recruiting is the ability to be honest and straightforward about what is or isn’t a good fit. While it may be nice to hear that each and every position that crosses the recruiter’s desk is a perfect match, the odds are that this is an unrealistic sentiment. The truth is, a recruiter’s success depends on the success of their candidates. However, you must ensure that your recruiter truly has your best interests in mind when pointing you towards an open role and is honest in their communication throughout the process.

What about their network?

Who does your recruiter work alongside? Who are they connected with? Because LinkedIn is used by 99% of recruiters nationwide, this platform can be a great determiner for whether or not your recruiter is open and connected with companies, individuals, and other recruiters around the world. When you decide to work with a recruiting industry, your recruiter’s network indirectly becomes your network. Connect with the recruiter on LinkedIn to explore their recent activity, their interests, and even their past employments.

At ThinkingAhead, we understand that not every job search is the same. With 10 different specialties and nearly 50 award-winning recruiters, ThinkingAhead successfully worked with almost 215 unique companies in 2019, half of which were repeat clients. Our recruiting methods revolve around industry knowledge and open communication with both our clients and candidates. How can we serve you? To learn more about ThinkingAhead, visit www.thinkingahead.com today.