May 12, 2020

You’ve Been Wrong About These Four Aspects of Recruiting…

Since it originated in the early 1940’s, the recruitment industry has faced hundreds of misconceptions that have hindered trade growth and candidate participation. These misconceptions may, without proper research, inhibit job seekers from eliciting the help of an experienced recruiter and generate a false perception of the industry as a whole. When receiving a phone call or email from a recruiter, many professionals may combat the presented opportunity with these misconceptions, possibly neglecting a potentially perfect fit or seamless career transition. Here are four of the most common fallacies of the recruiting experience.

“I probably won’t get interviews with jobs I even want.”

At ThinkingAhead, we value communication and honesty. This means that while our success depends on the success of our candidates, we will never force you into an uncomfortable or unappealing situation. We take time to listen to our candidates and understand their needs, wants, and preferences before proposing any available opportunity.  In 2019, we successfully worked with nearly 215 unique companies, meaning our client pool is anything but limited. However, should you be averse to the opportunities we present, we understand. That’s why we will keep you in mind for any further opportunities, just in case we stumble upon the perfect fit for your requirements.

“All jobs are posted online, so I don’t need a recruiter’s help anyway.”

As recruiters, our clients enlist our help simply to AVOID posting their jobs online! Online job boards and websites can attract hundreds of unqualified or inexperienced job seekers, leaving hiring managers will little time and patience to review each and every resume. Often, your resume may get lost in the shuffle of wasted time and resources. By enlisting the help of a recruiter, you connect with professionals who have direct access to client hiring teams who take us and our expertise seriously, eliminating the need to post coveted jobs online.

“I have to pay to use a recruiter’s services.”

As a candidate, you pay nothing to utilize a recruiter’s expertise and industry knowledge. Clients enlist our help to assist them in finding the perfect candidate for their open role, meaning we need YOUR help to do our job to the best of our ability. Not only are our services free to our candidates, we’ll even provide continual help throughout the process should we find the right opportunity for your background and experience. This can include resume editing, interview coaching, and more.

“Others at my workplace may find out I’m exploring my options.”

As an award-winning recruiting firm, we offer complete confidentiality to our clients and our candidates. This means we never share your information without your explicit permission, before OR after your placement. We promise to remain respectful of your time and will always demonstrate transparency throughout the recruiting process. Beyond that, we promise to view you as a human rather than simply another resume or CV, knowing that your professional future relies on your need to make the best decisions for yourself and those closest to you.

For more than 30 years, ThinkingAhead has built expertise and delivered results that keep our clients engaged year after year. At ThinkingAhead, we believe that recruiting is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to ask the right questions, arrive at the best answers and deliver desired results quickly. Visit to explore the current positions that our recruiters are filling. We look forward to serving you!