August 22, 2018

Women in Healthcare – Turning Dialogue into Action

By ThinkingAhead

People are the heart of what we do here at ThinkingAhead. To build others, we begin by first supporting and enabling our own team members, creating a rock solid foundation from which we can uplift and empower others! So, it’s no surprise when one of our own makes a positive impact in her industry!

ThinkingAhead celebrated when Rock Health recently released their Women in Healthcare 2018 report and included comments from Chanté Thurmond, a Senior Recruiter of ThinkingAhead’s Healthcare Innovation team. Rock Health surveyed 600+ women who are making a difference in the healthcare industry; Rock Health’s goal for this report was to create meaningful and actionable dialogue with women in healthcare leadership roles.

Chanté commented, “We don’t give enough space for people who are early or middle-stage of their career to voice their experiences. Right now, we’re seeing more female CEOs/Executives get interviewed, but that is not representative of the rest of the group. In fact, in many ways it feels like that further marginalizes those who aren’t quite there. And it makes success feel further from reality.”

Chanté is on a mission to make a difference in both healthcare and technology. Her bigger, overarching goal is to make both industries more diverse, inclusive and equitable.

Her specialty niche: partnering with early/growth-stage digital health companies and frontier tech startups to help build and scale their teams. Chanté brings expertise in placing executives in a variety of highly sought after areas including: Product Development, Data Analytics, UX/UI, Population Health & Clinical Informatics, BD/Sales and Strategic Accounts.

Rock Health is the first venture fund dedicated to digital health. They strive to make healthcare “massively better for every human being” by supporting companies who are improving the quality, safety, and accessibility of our healthcare system. To do this, Rock Health supports entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Their portfolio companies are tackling problems like mental health, smoking cessation, diabetes and more.

ThinkingAhead and Rock Health have at least one big thing in common: the desire to make a massive, positive impact in improving healthcare through meaningful partnerships.