June 13, 2024

What To Do After a Job Interview

Congratulations on finishing your job interview! The hard part is behind you, but just like preparation was crucial for you to feel confident in the interview room, you still face one more stage for the process to be a success: proper follow-up action. Here is what to do after a job interview to make sure you leave a lasting impression on your interviewer and have clarity on your next steps: 

Step 1: Reflect on your experience. 

Job interviews should be a two-way street: you are evaluating the opportunity as much as the hiring manager is evaluating you for the opportunity. But when you are in the middle of an interview, it’s likely that your focus will be on making a good impression, not deciding if the opportunity is right for you.  

When you get out of the interview, write down what you remember about the opportunity. Some questions to help you reflect are: 

  • How is this opportunity different than what I expected going into the interview? How is it similar? 
  • Am I more or less excited about the opportunity now that I have interviewed? 
  • What were the answers the interviewers gave to the questions I asked them? Were they the answers I hoped for? 
  • Can I see myself working with the people who just interviewed me and thriving under their leadership? 
  • What questions do I still have? 

This reflection will be more helpful if you spend some time on it beforehand. For example, as you decide what questions you will ask in the interview, take some time to ponder what you hope the answers will be. As you reflect, see how the answers given align with the answers you were hoping for.  

Step 2: Follow up with the organization with an email ‘thank you’ note. 

While handwritten notes or cards are thoughtful, they take a while to be delivered. Emailing a ‘thank you’ note immediately following your interview is a time-efficient and appropriate way to express your enthusiasm and gratitude. You should send the email within 24 hours of your conversation. If you like the idea of sending a physical note, it should supplement, not replace, the emailed note. 

Keep your note brief and to-the-point. Thank your interviewer for their time, give positive feedback regarding the conversation, and reiterate your interest in the company and position. It is a good idea to mention something specific from the interview that interested you, both to show your genuine interest and to jog the interviewer’s memory. 

Remember: your goal is not to immediately receive the job, but to create a lasting impression that will allow you to move forward to the next step in your job search.  

Step 3: Follow up with your recruiter. 

The potential employer will most likely contact your recruiter soon after you leave to provide their thoughts and receive yours. Do not delay contacting your recruiter, as it will accelerate the process if they can offer immediate feedback. This will also demonstrate your enthusiasm. Share your thoughts from your reflection with your recruiter to help you evaluate what your next steps will be.  

Acing an interview is about what happens before and after the meeting, as much as it is about the conversation itself. Following through with a few simple steps will ensure you make a lasting positive impression and will help you make the best possible decision for your career.

Jessie Miller

Jessie Miller

Jessie Miller is the Marketing & Media Specialist at ThinkingAhead. She supports the recruiting team in a variety of ways including managing social media, generating...

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