July 31, 2023

The Power of Enthusiasm in Job Interviews: Empowering Candidates’ Decision-Making

Job interviews are a pivotal stage at which candidates and employers evaluate one another’s suitability for a position. Beyond showcasing skills and experience, enthusiasm and genuine interest in the role can significantly impact the outcome. These are a few ways that displaying enthusiasm not only increases a candidate’s chances of being selected but also empowers them with decision-making capability during the hiring process. 


  1. Making a Lasting Impression and Gaining Control:

Enthusiasm leaves a lasting impression on interviewers, setting candidates apart from others. This positive differentiator gives candidates an advantage, granting them a measure of control in the interview. 


  1. Leveraging Personal Alignment:

Employers seek candidates who align with the company’s culture and values. Expressing enthusiasm allows candidates to showcase their personal alignment with the organization, indicating that they would fit with and enhance the culture of the organization. A candidate who knows and is enthusiastic about their own values gains leverage in the interview process, since they are also assessing which of their opportunities best aligns with those values and goals.  


  1. Demonstrating Motivation and Commitment:

Genuine enthusiasm is a powerful indicator of a candidate’s motivation and commitment to the role. Employers want individuals who are not just competent but also genuinely invested in the company’s success and vision. By conveying their excitement, candidates elevate their desirability.


  1. Transforming Weaknesses into Strengths:

Most candidates will not have the exact resume that the employer is looking for. But excitement for the role goes a long way to bridge the gaps by demonstrating a willingness to learn and grow into the role. Employers are more likely to overlook minor shortcomings when they see a candidate’s enthusiasm for the position.


  1. Fostering a Positive and Engaging Interview:

Interviews are a two-way process; candidates also assess whether the company aligns with their career aspirations. Enthusiastic candidates create a positive and engaging interview atmosphere, making the process enjoyable for both parties. This fosters open communication and empowers candidates to ask insightful questions, aiding their decision-making process. 


  1. Instilling Confidence in Decision-Making:

For employers, hiring decisions are pivotal and challenging. Enthusiastic candidates make the potential impact they can have more apparent. This clarity boosts employers’ confidence in their decision-making, knowing they are selecting a candidate who is genuinely enthusiastic about contributing to the company’s success. 

In the job interview process, displaying enthusiasm and a high level of interest is not just a superficial gesture; it empowers candidates with greater decision-making capability. Candidates who exude passion for the job gain an advantage in the interview, influencing the employer’s perception and increasing their chances of being selected.  So, next time you interview for a job, let your enthusiasm shine through – it may just be the key to giving you more control in the process and landing your dream job.

Cathy Moll, CPC

Cathy Moll, CPC

Cathy is a Partner with ThinkingAhead. She leads a core group of professionals with a client base in the Life Sciences practice at the office...

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