July 22, 2021

Summer Compass Meeting

Connecting the right people at the right place at the right time!

July is always an exciting month here at ThinkingAhead. Flights are arranged, hotels are booked, open cubicles are filled, and social activities are planned. ThinkingAhead recruiters from all over the country gather together at our headquarters in Nashville, TN for the three days of Summer Compass Meetings. Summer Compass is a time for our team to train, vision cast, and share comradery. Last year, due to COVID-19, Summer Compass turned virtual and took place over Zoom. This year brings an extra buzz of excitement and gratitude as our team looks forward to seeing one another in person, exchanging smiles and handshakes.

Like its namesake suggests, Summer Compass is a time to reflect on the present state of the company and set direction for what’s next. The team celebrates good news and reflects on what is needed to finish the year even better than we started. Recruiters also learn from each other about the latest industry trends and best practices in recruiting. Greg Boucher, President of ThinkingAhead says, “One of the three cultural philosophies of ThinkingAhead is that we are a Community of Continual Learners.  Summer Compass is one of the feature events that allows us to learn from one another.  ThinkingAhead recruiters are world-class, as teachers and as students.  That is why even team members who have been with the firm for as long as 20 years are having the Best Year Ever.”

The 2021 Summer Compass meeting was themed, “Refresh and Rise Up: We Didn’t Come This Far to Only Come This Far”. To kick us off, our team celebrated one of the best starts to a year in company history with 175 placements. To push us towards an even more successful second half of the year, Rob Mosely trained our recruiters on “Guiding and Responding with Clients”, and “The Heart of a Great Conversation”.  This year’s in-house trainers, Elise Gay, Chuck Hutsell, and Tim Knight shared great wisdom and perspective with our team. They talked about using losses as a positive learning experience, taking one step at a time to build long-term progress, and fostering a growth mindset. Of course, in addition to training, our team recognized and awarded outstanding recruiters and their accomplishments.

While Summer Compass is a time to get down to business, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have some fun with it! This year, laughter echoed from Holston House Roof Top as old friends reconnected and the team celebrated their achievements. Recruiters could also be spotted with spoons, lemon Warheads, pantyhose, and pasta noodles as they competed in a heated match of Minute to Win It games. You can imagine what it looked like to have a room full of highly motivated, results-driven individuals competing against one another! Gathering in person for first time in over 15 months was a tremendous gift that our team cherished.

Summer Compass 2021 proved to be a great time of encouragement, togetherness, and training. Now that we are re-centered, re-energized, re-connected, and re-focused, we are ready to finish this year strong!

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