February 1, 2019

Spotlight on Whitney Morris, Medical Affairs Search

By ThinkingAhead

ThinkingAhead would like to congratulate Whitney Morris on another great year! After 3 years in a row of growing her business, Whitney was our top recruiter for 2018.

Prior to entering the world of executive search, Whitney was a pharmaceutical representative for five years.  Whitney is a genuine, self-deprecating, and modest person, and might even say she had no idea what she was doing, but completely immersing herself in the Medical Affairs industry helped her to excel quickly.  Cathy Moll, Partner and Recruiter at ThinkingAhead, encouraged her by sharing that the Medical Affairs industry is a perfect match for her incredibly outgoing and positive personality. Whitney can grasp the importance of having the right people in the Medical Affairs role.  That’s been true to date and proven with her continued growth. Well, the rest is history because Whitney’s match-making skills earned her spot as the top producer for ThinkingAhead search firm.

What’s her secret to success?  Her passion to change lives is the fueling agent for her career.  “I would make a terrible Pinto saleswoman because I wouldn’t be changing lives,” Whitney joked as she continued to explain that finding her niche in Medical Affairs is a major factor in her continued success.  Her favorite story is the time she brought a high-income dermatologist into a pharmaceutical company.  This wonderful and qualified candidate was willing to cut her paycheck in half just to get a quality of life back.  That’s incredible! She is now able to take her daughter to gymnastics and have a lunch break (gasp!).  Soon after the candidate started at her new job, Whitney received a call from her saying that she was extremely happy, especially because her new company has fresh fruit and coffee for everyone!  Now Whitney receives a Christmas card from that family each year as a thank you:) There’s true magic behind the work that Whitney does. She starts each day with the mindset to find the good in everything and starts each call with the mindset of ‘what can I do for you.’ Her calls are never looked at as just a transaction.

Whitney is a mother to three, a wife, and a recruiter.  Whitney’s 2018 was full of major life events, she had a baby, moved houses, her husband started a new company, AND she earned the top producer spot for ThinkingAhead.  How does she do it each day?  “It feels more like a hobby than a job to me. When you incredibly love everything that you do, your 60th call is just as fun as the 1st!”  Specializing in Medical Affairs, Whitney’s passion for changing lives seems to be the key to her growing success.  More info on Whitney and how to reach her at: https://thinkingahead.com/recruiter/whitney-morris/.