January 23, 2023

How To Get The Most Out Of A Recruiter

Every now and then, we have a client ask us, “why am I not seeing any candidates for my search despite having multiple recruiting firms on the job?”  

The question comes from the clients who tend to think that recruiting is like fishing. The more lines you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish, right? It makes sense on the surface if we think of recruiters as lines and our candidates as fish.  

But it does not work this way. Recruiters work on commission, so we are drawn to the searches in which we have the highest probability of success. The more lines (recruiters) in the water, the less likely the fish (candidates) choose our hook. Therefore, when a client thinks they have multiple recruiters focusing on their search, they might actually have. . .zero.  

Even if multiple recruiters still decide to concentrate their efforts on the search, this still leads to an issue. Each recruiter will approach the search differently, telling a different story to potential candidates. This leads to the client’s message becoming muddled, the recruiting process not being executed smoothly, and the potential for miscommunication. Eventually, the best candidates will lose interest. 

To most effectively find a good candidate, we recommend choosing one firm to work the search for several months. Just as an attorney requires a retainer from their client, we highly recommend retaining one firm to be responsible for a search. In doing this, clients will see more candidates and increase their opportunity to fill the search quickly. 

When it comes to partnering with ThinkingAhead for a search, we offer three different solutions to fit your needs. No matter the challenges of your situation, we believe in a tailored approach that provides our clients with only the most qualified candidates, specifically screened to assure that your needs are met efficiently. Our unique and effective approach includes three solution models: contingency, engaged and retained search. Your need. Your situation. Your choice.  

To learn more about our Contingent, Engaged and Retained search styles, reach out to any recruiter in your practice area today: https://thinkingahead.com/our-recruiters/ 

Jessie Miller

Jessie Miller

Jessie Miller is the Marketing & Media Specialist at ThinkingAhead. She supports the recruiting team in a variety of ways including managing social media, generating...

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