April 21, 2021

Finding Joy in Your Work

Are you feeling a bit stagnate in your current job? Do you feel like it’s the same day in and day out? I’m sure that we all would wish to find joy in what we do, but it is not always as easy as it seems. Whether it be that you have been in the same career for many years now or it be that you are confused on if you even like what you are doing, there is always a silver lining to helping you get back to that good mindset and let you be the best you can be—as an employee and as a person. Consider reading these few ways to find more joy in your job.

Delight in the Dailies

Most of us have certain work tasks that we have to do every single day to keep our world spinning. If you find yourself feeling this become mundane or redundant, what if you choose to think about the main goal and impact of these tasks at hand? You’re helping yourself, you’re helping someone else, and you are making a difference. Even by simply opening all those new messages in your email!

List Five Big Wins

One way to find joy in the job is to appreciate the wins on an individual level and on a team level. Write down five wins that you had in your job in the last 30 days, whether those wins were shared or not. In doing so, you are able to stay present and appreciate what you have accomplished no matter how big or small that accomplishment is.

Respond Well

Problems will always be a part of life, inside and out of the workplace. However, it is how you respond to the circumstances you are in that define your situation. As Tom Bartol says in his book The Nurse Practitioner, poor responses only create more conflict and negative attitude. This creates a full circle to you still being unable to find joy in the job. Be sure to respond well so you can help contribute to the positive environment you are craving for your joy!

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