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Ross Skillman

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About Ross Skillman

Ross focuses on Power Delivery recruiting, as well as Renewables (Solar, Wind, Energy Storage).

Before joining ThinkingAhead, Ross worked in the Oil & Gas industry as an engineer, in both operations and the field. Along with his engineering and operations experience, Ross spent two years selling books with Southwestern Advantage.

Ross is well-traveled and has lived all over the country.  He is a sports fan at all levels, and loves music and movies. He loves spending as much time as possible outside, and most vacations are spent hiking and sightseeing.

Ross has a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of North Dakota and a BS degree in Sociology from Texas A&M University.

Relay Settings and Design Engineers
Smart Grid Technology
Transmission Line Design
Transmission Planning
Substation Physical Design
Substation Protection and Control
Green Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro, Biomass, and Geothermal)
Distribution Design
Distribution Planning
Testing and Commissioning
Field Engineers

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